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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Throwback Friday- Monkey Business

The other day I caught Elin sleeping in the midline- quite rare (her head is usually turned to one side or the other) and she looked so cute I had to share.  She was snoring her head off! (She gets that from me unfortunately) Even though she looks so beautiful it was actually the prescience of monkey in the picture that really made me emotional- you see he has been watching over her since the first day she was born. They used him to hold up her ventilation tube sometimes when she was on ICU so he really has been there through it all- he looks a lot bigger in the first picture eh :-)
Happy weekend folks- sorry about lack of posts, inspection at work looming equals not a lot of time for updating. Normal service shall resume soon xxx



  1. Hi I've just found your blog on bloglovin. All of your posts are great but this post particually caught my attention as the pictures reminded me of my baby pictures, laying in my incubator with all my toys scattered around me. I was born 3 months early and as a result have mild spastic diplegia, I'm now 24 and live a great life, its lovely too see how much elin means too you and hear about all your adventures together! I've recently set up my own blog about living with Cerebral Palsy and I'd be really grateful if you'd take a look and possibly give me some feedback if you get chance you can find my blog @ thank you and Elin is beautiful by the way x

    1. I have just looked at your blog it's great! Thank you so much for getting in touch. I love the way you write and really enjoyed reading it- keep going! Thank you for your kind words about Elin she is the light of our life and touches everyone she meets. You are a very inspiring young lady and by the way it took me five times to pass my driving test you can deffo do it! Much love to you and thanks for getting in touch x


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