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Friday, 22 August 2014

Throwback Friday

Throw back Friday. I'm cheating. This is a link to a video of Elin that I uploaded to this blog back in 2009, not long after I started writing it. It shows her turning to find a rattle, we were so pleased !!! (As demonstrated by the continual cheerleading throughout!! We are learning as parents too, if it was now we would know we should probably actually be silent and let her focus on the noise of the rattle not constantly egg her on! What can I say? We were excited. This journey is a learning curve for us all!) I am including this today because of the stark contrast to my earlier piece on Elin watching things on the computer. What a difference we have seen in her reactions and understanding since 2009! It's hard to see the progress sometimes, with it being so slow and also like any parent when you are with your child every day you don't notice the changes so much. But video's like this are proof positive of how much she has come on in the past few years. It makes me so proud.  There are probably better videos too, I will have to have a search. Happy Friday everyone!


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