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Friday, 29 August 2014

Throwback Friday

...Is cancelled!!! And so is Christmas!! And the Tooth Fairy isn't real!!!! Baaahhhhhhh Humbug!!!

It's not been the best few days here at Drake Towers. The Dystonia didn't get any better and we spent a large chunk of Thursday on Children's Ward. I was concerned there may be something underlying causing Elin's recent attack of Dystonia, like an infection of some kind. There appears to be nothing. It was quite interesting that her SATS remained at 100% throughout each 'attack' though, that at least was a comfort in a very small way. The Registrar contacted Elin's Consultant who advised increasing her Baclofen medication. We have an appointment with her Consultant on Wednesday afternoon so she said she would review us there. Hmmm. It's just a mystery, this condition. It was like a switch went off last Sunday and she changed completely. The only saving grace is that technically, the switch might just flick itself back on again at any time. Fingers crossed. In the meantime today has definitely been a better day, and the only day we haven't had to administer rescue meds to stop the spasms. She has laughed a good few times (especially when over Daddy's shoulder, looking in the massive mirror. Vain!! She doesn't get it from me honest.....) But it's so frustrating and upsetting to watch her go through this, especially after weeks  and weeks of being so good, I think we've been a bit spoiled. Tomorrow I will be extremely optimistic and try not to worry again. It'll pass. But for tonight I'm frankly going to be in a right strop, drink red wine, scoff a Tesco Indian,  have a nice bath and maybe a cry. All at once.


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