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Friday, 15 August 2014

Throwback Friday

To my cousins and my sister- sorry!  Hee hee. I dug this out of the archives this afternoon after Elin paid a little visit to a special new little boy in her life! My cousin Lynsey had her first baby five weeks ago, the awesomely named little Eli Jac. It goes rather nicely with Elin Hâf don't you think? (Actually while we're on the subject, for the non-Welsh speaking blog readers who may have been wondering, Hâf is Welsh for Summer. It is pronounced 'halve' like 'two halves of cake' except without the 's' on the end) Eli is the first boy on this side of the family since our last cousin, Harry, was born twenty years ago so he's kind of a big deal! Elin definitely thinks Eli is pretty awesome and as usual broke into laughter at the merest hint of a cry from him! She loves, loves LOVES it when babies cry! It's quite embarrassing when you're out somewhere and a Mum is stressed out with a crying baby and Elin basically just laughs very loudly in their faces. She also took a shine to Eli's toy squeaky Fawn, which is from the same 'family' of toys as Sophie the Giraffe!! Yay!! She was good as gold and so was Eli. I thought you might like to see a photo of the first encounter (I think Eli is my second cousin, so must be Elin's third cousin??? I don't really understand it. Either way it's probably a tenuous enough link blood-line wise for it to be legal for them to get married in some parts of Texas. Or Rhos)
There will definitely be future meetings and it's so nice to have another baby in the family- we are a bit short on babies on our side!! We need more!! (I definitely won't be obliging, not without a lobotomy first anyway). My Nan and Grandad are certainly very proud to now be Great-Grandparents to both a girl and a boy, it means they can still say 'Elin is our favourite Great Granddaughter' they said, because they can also say 'and Eli is our favourite Great Grandson' Awwwww. Eli is certainly Elin's favourite third cousin in the whole-wide-world :-) For my part I'm still in shock that my sister and my cousins and I are old enough to actually have kids of our own since it doesn't seem long ago that we were playing with their Barbie house or with 'Frustration' or 'Ker-Plunk' or any other plethora of 80's board games in the glorious absence of iPads, iPods and iPhones,  visiting Nan and Granddad's house together, developing an obsession with 'Neighbours' and listening to Kylie on repeat (ok maybe I still do the last one). When does getting old become less shocking?? Answers on a postcard please! I can't be 33! I can't be!!!
Anyway I'll leave you with some photo's now. Have a great weekend blog fans, until next time xoxo

Throwback Friday- Me (far right of picture in fetching flowery leggings), my sister Karen (in fetching clashing coloured jumper), Lynsey (in fetching double-denim combo and now Mum to baby Eli) and Claire (far left in fetching baby pink/penguin sweater). You're welcome, guys!!! ;-)

Luckily Eli Jac and Elin Hâf have much better fashion sense than we did!! Haha.



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