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Friday, 28 March 2014

Throw back Friday...

Ooops! It seems I have gone a whole week without updating- I don't know where the time goes?! For those Elin fans who are wondering, Elin has not had a bad week but has suffered with increased dystonia somewhat (not very successful sitting or standing in frame this week) and also a gurgly tummy :-( This has manifested itself in some pretty nasty nappies (sorry) and we are now the proud owners of a stool sample bottle courtesy of a quick visit to the doc this evening. If there is a better thing to do on a weekend than fill a stool sample bottle, I don't know what it is!! (NOT!) However the good news is that Elin has provided us with some mega-watt smiles today and so hopefully whatever bug may be lurking in her innards is on it's way out.
So, that aside, it's throw-back Friday today. There's only one choice really, since this weekend is our Wedding Anniversary. Not technically an 'Elin' photo, but kind of where Elin's story began. Everyone knows the old public display of affection is totally vomit-inducing, so I won't go on about love and relationships, for fear you might throw up your dinner. However, blog fans will know that Elin has a great deal of love in her life and is surrounded by it. Part of this is down to us, her Mum and Dad, and the promises we made to one another on a cold March day in Edinburgh nine years ago. With a small amount of close family present, a biting Scottish wind and an age gap wider than the grand canyon, we got married. I think some people may have doubted it would last (re: age gap wider than the grand canyon) but there were definitely two people who never doubted it would. We couldn't have known on that day nine years ago what heartache lay ahead, but if we wouldn't have changed a thing. We both feel equally and completely blessed by Elin's presence in our lives. Here's to the next nine years, can't wait to see what they bring :-) xxx

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