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Friday, 21 March 2014

Throw Back Friday....

My last post got me thinking about Elin's Christening and what a lovely day it was. So I thought this week's throw-back should be a photo from that wonderful, special day. It wasn't just a simple celebration to honour the birth of our beautiful girl, it felt a little bit more to me, since I made that stubborn declaration in SCBU all those months before. It felt kind of triumphant, like we had won some invisible battle with nature. I knew on that day, though she was still relatively poorly at the time, that she was strong and more special than we dared imagine and that she would keep fighting, keep proving the doctors and their statistics wrong. So many friends and family travelled from all over the country to join us on our special day, the love and support for her was tangible and the sun shone brilliantly in the Spring-blue sky. I like to think it was shining on us, but particularly and most significantly, shining for Elin.
Post-pregnancy me (arms like a Russian shot-putter!!) and Elin wearing my Nanna's handmade 74 year- old Christening gown. It was absolutely beautiful and worn by all the children in the family for a while, except me and my twin sister with there being two of us and nobody wanting to cut it in half :-) I love that she could be part of this piece of family history and can't wait to find out who will be the next baby to wear it!

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