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Monday, 10 March 2014

Our tooth fairy

Our tooth fairy is not a tiny winged creature in a tutu that lives under the tree at the bottom of the garden, but is a dentist in our local dentist practice who has been seeing Elin for years. She is so lovely and always puts me at my ease, always gives Elin a sticker, never patronises, listens to my concerns and always explains everything properly. She also handles Elin so gently which is really sweet.Yes, I know that's her job but you'd be surprised at some of the so called 'professionals' over the years I have dealt with. So I always appreciate kindness and a bit of understanding. Last Friday we visited again and Elin didn't need anything doing.  Even though she was having a really off week last week she still had a few smiles for the tooth fairy. She loves going to the Dentist! Especially the instruments and in particular the little sucky thing that goes in her mouth.  Crazy girl. Her front tooth is a little wobbly, so I guess we have to watch for that falling out now- she will look so funny with a Nanny McPhee snaggle tooth! Also she will look quite grown up, she's getting big now loosing her teeth and turning six in the Summer! Im not sure i like it!? But deep down i know I am lucky in at least one way because Elin will always truly be my baby, no matter how many teeth she looses or how many birthday's pass us by. I have to admit despite everything (and believe me I would give anything to change it for her if I could)as a Mummy there is some comfort in that albeit in a very bittersweet way. Love you, baby Elin xx

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