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Saturday, 15 March 2014

The long walk to freedom...

What a day! Elin has had a great week again this week and even got a sticker in Assembly on Friday for being so good! I hoped the mood would continue into the weekend and I wasn't disappointed. We spent the longest time we have ever spent in town without getting her out of her chair and even then it was just because we had a coffee-stop :-) You Elin fans may very well be getting tired of me going on and on about her seating issues but the fact is it's just the hugest part of our lives and it can affect everything we do (or want to do). When she sits so well it just makes everything feel like such a treat even a trip to town leaves us with huge smiles on our faces. We could have walked around town all day we were just so happy to be there with her- and so proud! One cashier in a clothing store asked me several questions about Elin including how old she was. I always wonder if people will be surprised when I say she is six in July but the lady showed no surprise and I instantly knew from the way she spoke to Elin that she understood the situation. Before I could qualify any responses I made with 'she has Cerebral Palsy', which I sometimes feel inexplicably obliged to do, though I know I shouldn't, she asked me if Elin went to the school which she does go to. She explained her Mother In Law used to work there until she retired a year ago and was so complimentary about the school and the children that it made sense she would feel confident enough to speak to me directly about Elin (you would be surprised how many people are a little frightened I think, of speaking to me about her, as I have blogged about previously I always appreciate it when people do). I wish everyone was so understanding! We eventually left town and came home to the Six Nations Rugby. Elin and I made a very sharp exit to my friend's house, as I have learned the hard way that being around Daddy Drake when Wales are playing is a bad idea -though Elin thinks all the frustrated shouting is hilarious, I don't find it so funny!!! (It's just a game arghhh don't get me started!). Anyway off we went to see my buddy Vicky and her daughter Megan, who is 7. As Elin was having such a good day and the sun was out we went for the longest walk EVER (With Elin in tow, that is). Megan had her electric scooter (it was quite hard to keep up!) and I think we must have covered a couple of miles. It just felt so free having a lovely walk with the sun on our faces and Vicky was as made-up as me to be out and about with Elin (all my friends have watched us go through the seating 'situation' from the beginning and been kind enough to understand and accommodate it). Moreover, I surely burned enough calories to work off the Indian we had on Friday night? Now THAT'S a good day.

P.S Elin slept aaaalllll night last night. ALL NIGHT strait through. This almost never happens. When things are good, they're very, very good (and when they are bad they are horrid)  :-) :-)


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