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Monday, 15 June 2015

Park life

Yikes! Things have been a bit deep and meaningful round the blog lately haven't they? But it's so great to have a platform to share my thoughts and feelings about raising Elin and I promised myself when I started the blog over six years ago I would always write from the heart, so that's what I alway endeavour to do- come rain or shine (did you think I had exhausted the rain metaphor in the last post? Surprise! I hadn't!!Ha) . Lately I've been thinking about what makes writing a blog feel better than writing a diary and I concluded that it's because a diary is secret, and a blog is anything but. It's a two-way street. The support and understanding I have had from people reading the blog is something I never could have achieved by keeping a book with a padlock on it gathering dust under my bed. Sharing on social media means my posts reach the eyes of a myriad of people I have never even met, often with similar experiences and feelings. I guess a problem shared really is a problem halved, even if my anxiety really can reach stratospheric levels when I actually think about the fact that my inner most thoughts and feelings are being poured over by strangers or anyone that wants to read them. Thanks to those of you who keep returning to the blog, even though it's me who writes the blog it helps us as a whole family to know we are not alone in this crazy roller coaster of a journey.
The above photo's were taken on Sunday, at a local country park. Elin's Dystonia has been brilliant these last few days (since we increased her Diazepam although there is no real way of telling whether it's pure coincidence or not) so Elin's Aunty Karen and I took advantage and whipped her off for a go on the swings whilst Daddy Drake sorted out the garden. She absolutely loved the swing and I absolutely loved the fact that these accessible parks are springing up in lots of places, with wheelchair accessible roundabouts and other inclusive equipment. She even sat in her chair whilst we ventured around the whole park though we were pretty sad we didn't see our old favourite Rusty the Pig :-(. We're just keeping our fingers crossed that the Dystonia stays away- we know it won't forever, of course. But at least for a bit longer- it has dogged her pretty badly over the past few weeks- not fair. Enjoy your week folks, keep your fingers crossed for us that Elin gets to enjoy a few more trips to the park before we have to think abut the nasty Dystonia again! xxx


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