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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Drakefest 2015.

This weekend Daddy Drake was away fleetingly visiting family in London and since Elin is, as you know, not the best traveller we had to reluctantly stay at home and re-create Glastonbury (what else was there to do this weekend?). Elin and I decided on Friday we would have a festival of a weekend and enjoyed pretty much wall to wall coverage of the biggest festival on the planet. On Saturday we spent a lot of time chilling out together on the grass outside doing NOTHING but listening to Glastonbury on the radio with the sun on our faces. (Pretty much the first time we have been in the garden properly this 'Summer'- yeah, Im STILL going on about the rubbish weather) To be honest Elin is the perfect festival goer, she has music in her soul, enjoys hugs with strangers and has access to a  pretty big stash of drugs at all times. So this weekend Glastonbury came to Holly Cottage and we didn't even have to get muddy, wee in a field or pay twelve pounds for a burger. RESULT.
It was so relaxing and lovely, we had the best time and were very lucky to get VIP passes to the area at the bottom of the garden where the hot tub resides YEEEEAAAHHHHH! A VERY special guest appeared to top it all off and we chilled out with festival spirit running through our veins and the slow acquisition of a bit of vitamin D in our skin. FAR OUT, MAN. (They say that at Glastonbury, right?). For those wondering, Elin proved her impeccable taste yet again by favouring Florence and the Machine, Ella Eyre, Gregory Porter and Jessie Ware. Her favourite BY FAR though, of course was Lionel Ritchie's set this afternoon. 'Dancing on the Ceiling' tickled her pink and 'All night Long' too.  What a LEGEND. Lionel was pretty good too. Ha. You can't buy that sort of intuition I tell you. Go Elin. My Endless Love. See you in the garden next year under the apple tree, yeah?

What is this shiny warmth on our faces? Oh! SUN!! Yayayayay!!
 Concentrating hard on a repeat of Florence's headlining set via radio, enjoying some outdoor resonance board action whilst she's at it. Those big drum beats particularly interesting to her! 

Obligatory festival selfie, pre daisy chain headband making.

Special guest and VIP area to finish the day. Take a chill pill.

Drying off in the sun. Awesome time. Maybe one day we'll get to do the real thing? Like, when we win the lottery and we can stay in a giant winnebago with a flushing toilet and a shower I mean. Obvs.

Mum, you didn't seriously think I was staying in my own bed when Dad's not here did you? You don't sleep at festivals anyway so who cares ???? I will not conform to the rules of society! I am a free spirit, man! 

YAAAAAAYYYY my Daddy's home!!!!!! Big huggles!!! 
We didn't do anything while you were away Daddy, honest.

Have a good week folks. You got the love.


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