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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Because of you...Fathers Day 2015

 I wrote this last year. But since I have a fair few new subscribers this year (thank you!) I have decided to post this updated version today to celebrate Fathers Day. There aren’t enough words for what Paul means to us and what he does for Elin (and for me) but sufficed to say I still, even after seven years, count myself incredibly lucky that he is her Daddy. Every single day.

Because of you.

My ears hear your laughter, your guitar, daft songs that you make up about me, and the words 'I love you' a million times over. Every single day.
My eyes widen, then look wildly around as soon as I hear the back door bang, because I know you are home from work, or back from your bike ride. I greet you with the widest grin because I missed you SO much. Every single day.
My mouth feels a thousand kisses and, when Mum's not looking, tastes ice cream and yummy things you sneak onto my tongue. I love it, it makes me laugh with you.  Every single day.
My nose gets 'beeped' to make me grin and smells things like the banana you peel just because I like it, or the new flowers in the garden you planted for especially for me. Every single day.
My hands are held and squeezed, over and over, when I'm upset. And you help me to touch things, anything, everything. My favourite is when I feel the pages of my bedtime story with you. Every single day.
My arms are wrapped around your neck whilst you carry me, to wherever in the house you are going, because you want me to come too and can't bear to leave me on my own. Every single day.
My legs are splinted and strapped because you are worried about the turns in my ankles. but you talk and talk and talk while you do it, in case I don't like it, because you cannot be sure. Every single day.
My feet are tickled and stroked, especially at bed time when there are no socks. You squish them and call them chubby trotters and I giggle. Every single day.
My body is cuddled to bed and I lie by the nightlight you fixed on the wall, because you worry I might be scared of the dark and I listen as you talk me to sleep. Every single day.
My ears hear your heart when I wake in the night and have to lie with my head on your chest, before I will trust sleep to envelop me again. Not every single day. But sometimes and when I'm poorly. Because I just want you.

How lucky am I to have such love. That all of these things and much more happen to me.
Every single day.
Because of you.

I love you, Daddy.


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