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Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Sorry I haven't updated sooner! I couldn't until I had good news, which is why it's taken this long! Elin smiled today for the first time since Christmas Eve. We've had a pretty tricky few days involving antibiotic induced bottom explosions (oh, how I love to strip a bed and an Elin twice a night for almost a week!), coughing fits, worryingly shallow breathing, impetigo, lots of snot and saliva and not a lot of sleep for anyone at Drake Towers. Poor, poor Elin.  It's been pretty heartbreaking to see her so exhausted and poorly and making little sounds like a newborn seal pup. Christmas has kind of passed us by in a bit of a sleep deprived, snotty blur. I usually love to share my Christmas day pics on my blog but Elin was so poorly we barely got any I can use- she just looks too sad! I have included these though- just for the record!

Soooo many presents and these weren't even all of them! Thank you so much to those of you reading this who contributed to her huge Christmas swag- she had some beautiful, amazing gifts. You know who you are! 

New Christmas Day dress on but not feeling the vibe :-(

Into festively personalised P.J's and off for a nap by dinner time. How sad :-(

As you can see she wasn't herself at all, and it got worse hence our trip to hospital on Boxing Day (see previous post). Thankfully, she has seemed to 'pull an Elin' and has bravely rallied herself just in time for New Year by the looks of it! 
The next photo was taken today and pretty much the first smile we have seen since Christmas Eve. We have had family up visiting from London so Elin's little pals Arthur and Tabitha were on hand to amuse her and coax out one of those famous grins! Sadly, they were actually leaving today and so Elin missed most of their visit in a sleepy haze :-( In summary, Drake Christmas has been something of a write-off but as usual we are staying positive and hoping a healthier and happier start to the New Year is a sign that 2015 will be the best year yet for our girl. Happy New Year folks, have a great time tomorrow night wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Keep smiling!



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