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Friday, 26 December 2014

I'm dreaming...of a white Christmas..?

Isn't it funny how everyone likes everything to be perfect at Christmas? A lot of families seem to be feeling under pressure to get everything perfect. The food needs to be perfect, presents have to be right, the kids need not to fight and argue just for one day etc etc lest there should be that most damning of declarations "Christmas is RUINED!!" Well, it goes without saying that Christmas, however badly things go off course can never be ruined as long as we have Elin. Way too many of our friends along the way have come to learn the true meaning of Christmases forever more being ruined and it's them I think of each and every year. Oscar, Lauren, Harvey, Annie, Charlie, Kate....each of you deserved so many more Christmases than your short time here allowed. When I was a kid it was snow I used to wish for most, I loved it and the idea of a white christmas was too irresistible for the romantic in me to ignore. I was of course, almost ritualistically disappointed. Now, obviously, my wishes are simple and straightforward. I wish for Elin to be ok. That's all.
Last year Christmas Eve wasn't great for poor Elin, we ended up in hospital with dystonia. This year Boxing Day hasn't gone according to plan. We had to go to hospital today after a pretty bad deterioration in her cold and cough over Christmas Day rendering her struggling to breathe from coughing and unable to tolerate her feed causing lots of continual retching. She went very pale and continually growled with her sore throat. She slept most of Christmas Day and not even the opening of her presents could raise a smile! Luckily for us, our favourite doc was on duty, Elin's guardian Angel who saved her life when she was a week old in special care and provided much comfort to us back then, too. He sorted her out with some magic antibiotics and we are hoping she will be back on form very soon. However, a quick dash to hospital for antibiotics is small fry really. She's still here with us now, in front of the fire, listening to Monsters Inc and tasting some chocolate. Who knows- soon she might even give us a mega-watt smile again and we will forget all this in a heartbeat.
So thank you, Santa..for another 'perfect' Christmas- for we are all still very much together and more grateful than you can know.
Oh...and guess what.........
the kid in me is pretty grateful today, too :-)
Lots of love

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