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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Poorly days!

The photo says it all! Elin has had almost a week off school- unheard of! An exploding bottom and some very nasty facial viral cold-sore type things have meant she has needed to stay at home. She has been completely lethargic and drowsy and basically has been lying around being cuddled all day like a little lop eared rabbit! A visit to the ward on Friday reassured me that there is nothing sinister going on- it would seem her body is reacting to the antibiotics she had a fortnight ago (something to do with good and bad bacteria. Ashamed to admit he lost me a bit in his scientific explanations. This is because he talks very quietly and quickly and is nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the fact that he is the most gorgeous doctor you could ever wish to meet- I'm talking swooning/ooh Mr Darcy/very difficult to concentrate gorgeous!) Doctor Darcy prescribed yakkult!! So far it has worked and the exploding bottom has disappeared but the sores on her face (cheek, ear and lip) are making her look like she has some sort of biblical plague! They have started to yellow and crust over (sorry) but yes, she still looks like she has leprosy. I think based on this she may have to have tomorrow off too - I hate it when she has to miss school but she looks bubonically infectious (even though she isnt).I know school hate it too and will be missing her! The only saving grace is that I don't think they are sore for her. Let's hope she can return on Tuesday and normal service will again resume for this little household and our baby bunny xxxx


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