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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Don't do it!!!

Have come on here to distract myself from messaging a pregnant barely-know-you-facebook 'friend' who has just announced they want a home birth. DON'T DO IT!!!! It makes me feel like vomiting with fear. I went through a whole labour being told that Elin was fine, her heartbeat was fine. Five minutes before she was born everything was 'fine' according to two midwives in a room full of equipment. But everything was not fine, Elin was unexpectedly stillborn and only here today because she was able to be instantly resuscitated by on-hand doctors and immediately ventilated on life support. Yes, I know it's rare. 1 in 1,000 births end that way. But what if that 1 is you, like me?? All the midwives kept saying after they had taken Elin away to save her life were 'thank god you didn't have a home birth' There is simply no way she would have survived. I can see the appeal of home births and people may not be aware of the dangers- I certainly wasn't before it happened to me. But seriously, how could you live with that decision if something did go wrong and you couldn't get to the hospital in time??? I just don't understand why anyone would put their baby at risk that way. DON'T DO IT !!!!!!!!!!! Not for the sake of having to spend a night or two in hospital!!! I would never say this to anyone wanting a home birth, it's not my place. But I can say what I want on my own blog so there, I've ranted (again) and I feel better for it. ;-)


  1. Totally agree with you, if i hadn't been in the hospital Ben wouldn't be here today. The cord was wrapped round his arms and neck and so was delivered by crash C section.
    You are an inspiration, just reading your blog can make me cry!
    Nonna X X

  2. Awwww just seen this comment, thanks Nonna! That means a lot, Ben is gorgeous thank goodness you were in hospital. Hope you all ok lotsa love x


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