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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Looking up..

These gorgeous pictures were taken last night just before bed. She doesn't look too sleepy does she?!? However, I am pleased to report a slight improvement in Elin's sleeping pattern this past week! Yay! As in, she is still being  a monkey regarding the sleep situation but instead of playing up every night it's every other night or even a couple of nights apart. She even slept ALL NIGHT on Monday and Tuesday. Go figure. We have no idea why, or what has changed. But we like it! Thanks Elin! It's about time! We feel a lot better because of it (and probably look a lot better too!) How can you be upset about being tired when you see this face though?? Her smile makes every lost minute of sleep worth it! We will have to see what this week brings but hopefully more of the full night's kip and less of the partying in the wee small hours!!
In other news Elin had her annual school review this week. It's kind of like a parents evening, except it's not in the evening and you get waaaaaay more than a ten minute slot to discuss your child. Due to the nature of Elins education there are also a great many professionals invited, other than just yourselves and the class teacher.  Well, it was pretty amazing! It was fantastic to be able to discuss Elin's achievements at length- and there have been many! Sometimes we forget how far she has come even if the last twelve months, she has come quite a way! We were so proud and it was lovely to hear how proud the staff at Elin's amazing school are too! I will leave you with one of the pages from Elin's report following the review- it's my favourite ever because of the last statement. Too, too cute! Have a good weekend, folks.


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