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Saturday, 2 May 2015

This week our very own Royal Princess has been mostly...

..Earning a Top Banana sticker for good work at school with her switches (YAY!), refusing to sit in her chair (STILL!) and visiting one of her favourite places in the world- the hairdressers!!
Oh- she also managed to squeeze in some sunbathing on the decking earlier on in the week....
..and today enjoyed a visit from my buddy Vicky, her little girl Megan and Megan's favourite old toy doggy, Pippin...
We have a family christening tomorrow to look forward to, it would be nice if she decided to sit in her chair for this special occasion, especially since my hips and back are getting worse by the day! Anyway I'll have to keep you updated on that one... I'm off to stare at the doors of the Lindo Wing for just a little bit longer whilst the ITV journalist speculates on whether it is Prince George's bedtime or not and whether the Queen is wearing pink today on purpose.......haha.
Have a great bank holiday weekend all!

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