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Friday, 8 May 2015 Friday..

Elin's not had the best couple of days. After what looked like the long-awaited beginning of a 'good spell' was starting, the dystonia simply returned and took over again within a day. It's been a long 'do this, I'm trying to hold my nerve. Poor Elin. Not a happy bunny today, although mercifully we did get some gigantic smiles before bed. Let's assume it is her way of protesting against the fact that as of this morning, all public sector workers and those who benefit from their work are essentially screwed. So disgusted is she by last night's results, I think it's set off her dystonia! Whilst I go to squirrel away some savings into a special 'paying for Elin's medical care now the NHS is inevitably going to crumble around us' bank account and look for another job (as I don't fancy working in a private academy for a crappy wage alongside unqualified people who think they can teach because they enjoyed finger painting and baby yoga with their own kids) I wish you the best weekend and please keep your fingers crossed Elin improves again ASAP!

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