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Sunday, 15 March 2015

A gruff weekend...

It's been a busy weekend!
We have been enjoying a visit from baby Gruff, Elin's little fluffy-egg-headed friend! You hardcore blog fans will remember Gruff from a couple of posts last October, and Gruff-ster hails all the way from Brighton with his lovely Mummy and Daddy and was squished into the confines of Holly Cottage with us lot all weekend, the poor thing! But he didn't seem to mind and  Elin was in her element. When Gruff cried, she laughed. When Gruff laughed, she laughed. When Gruff saw her feet dangling off the edge of the sofa and pulled both her socks off to chew her feet, she laughed. Gruff was completely fascinated with her and they amused each other for quite a considerable amount of time at one point- Gruff patting her and pulling her top/patting her cheeks, Elin laughing in response, Gruff staring intently at Elin trying to work her out-and repeat. If you think this sounds cute- it was! It was amazing to see Gruff and Elin playing in their own little way. She clearly loves having other little people around. Another flaw-if that's what you can call it- of Elin's condition is that she tends to spend a awful lot of time with adults. You can forget that she wants to be in the company of other kids who will crawl all over her, pat her repeatedly and shake their toys for her to make her laugh- it's like she really knows the difference. There's something in the energy and aura of kids that adults just can't emulate, however enthusiastic. We are really going to miss baby Gruff, especially Elin!
Then of course, it has been Mothers Day. We all went out for a meal today and Elin gave me the best present ever- she sat in her chair! I remember this was the same last Mothers Day. Maybe she's gives herself a little talking to for my special day!! It was lovely not to have to watch her be agitated in her chair, or to pass her between everyone to try and keep her calm (it's getting harder to eat your dinner with one hand and hold her on your knee with the other- she's a big girl! I went for Risotto today too, there would've been more rice on the carpet than on my plate). Happy Mother's Day to all the other Mummy's out there - I hope your day has been just as lovely.

Amusing each other

Don't even think about it Gruff.....
 Gerrof Gruff!




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