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Monday, 19 January 2015

Where troubles melt like lemon drops....

Because we all need a bit of cheering up: Saturday night, Caitlin singing at a birthday party. Yes, she takes bookings ;-) Been belting this out since she was three years old, it was always Paul's Mum's favourite for her to sing. If only Nana Drake could see her now! Elin's very favourite song too. Speaking of Elin, we went to the ward after a terrible night today and the good news is they couldn't find anything sinister and gave her a nasal spray and antibiotics to help her breathe more easily. She does appear to be a lot better today than she seemed at 2am tis morning!! I know you will all join me in hoping that really is an end to the worst bug ever now!!I will of course keep you updated. In the meantime...enjoy.....


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