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Friday, 7 February 2014

Under the weather...

Just taken this photo- not a face we have seen a lot of this week! With the horrible weather (rain! Just constant rain!) came the horrible lurgi to our little house and both Elin and I have been suffering with bad throats! At least, we're pretty sure that's what's been bothering Elin after a second doc examination this week revealed a pink throat and enlarged tonsils! Coupled with the fact that I have lost my voice completely it seem likely that Elin's run of being 'off form' this week has been down to this virus. Boo! It's awful not knowing what is wrong with Elin, if nothing obvious is presenting itself it can be hard to work out what is-if anything- bothering her. These are the times when I am most frustrated by Elin's communication impairments- imagine knowing there is something wrong with your child but not being able to help because you just can't work it out. Like a newborn being poorly I guess. Not nice. However, with medical help we think we have the answer, sadly there is nothing we can give her- just lots of cuddles! Elin's favourite medicine!! And my favourite medicine to give. She definitely seems brighter today- her smiles are much more forthcoming-even had some lovely laughs- so hopefully a restful weekend will sort her out and she'll be back to herself by Monday. Who knows, maybe the sun will stay out too???? We can only hope..

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  1. You have a beautiful little girlie there!!
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