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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Grand Day Out

Elin has been absolutely brilliant in her chair this half term. So we've been taking advantage with village strolls, visits to the Library, walks to Nanny's house etc. Today we went further afield -into town- firstly for Daddy's opticians appointment and then for a bit of shopping, she was as good as gold. It was amazing!! So lovely to do something so simple that everyone else takes for granted. Elin was rewarded with a trip to Waterstones where she got to pick a new book- we found one about Sophie, her little Giraffe that goes everywhere with her! It was meant to be. A perfect end to a perfect day. Cinema tomorrow I think if her good mood continues as she hasn't seen 'Frozen' yet . Don't you just love half term?

Trying on Hello Kitty glasses whilst waiting for Daddy!

Waterstones. We found a book about Sophie and it was a touchy-feely one, too!

Mummy! I can't see how sad!!


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