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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A miraculous recovery!

Well, given just how worried we were at he time of my last blog post I can hardly believe the turn-around in Elin. A visit to hospital, a different antibiotic, an early 'up' with her epilepsy medication and 24 hours after our visit to hospital she was a different girl! She smiled on Saturday for the first time since the previous Tuesday- the relief in our house was palpable. It was like she had never been ill! And there was me mentally preparing for overnight stays and possible trips to Alder Hey! Despite it being a very difficult week, it's like anything- I have to take the positive's from it. And the positive from this is that it just goes to show you never know how quickly Elin will rally, even when things are looking bad. The morale of the story is therefore in the face of adversity, Keep Calm and Carry On. :-)


  1. Yay. Glad she is much better. And I love you doing more of your blog, it's brilliant. XXXXX


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