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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy Talk...

Elin is the happiest we have seen her in a while. It is wonderful. There is simply no better feeling in the world. She is smiling and talking away to her hearts content. It is my favourite sound. I will never, never give up that one day she might say 'Mum'. But for now her happy cooing and gurgling is enough. Tonight when I put her to bed after a fantastic day, she did not cry as usual. I put her owl with the glowing tummy in her eye-line and turned on her musical mouse. She laughed. I came downstairs, she was still giggling. I waited for the cries that accompany bedtime without fail, but they never came. When I checked on her a few minutes later she was fast asleep with one of her fists tightly holding onto the top of the duvet and her mass of curls poking out of the top, like an Angel, or a Cherub.Elin had literally laughed herself to sleep tonight.This makes my heart burst because I don't feel sorry for Elin tonight, like I often do. Tonight I don't wish for more for her than what she's got. After all- let's face it, I think there's a lot worse you could be in this life than tucked up in your duvet looking beautiful having had a lovely day with teachers and friends and family who love you and having just laughed yourself to sleep. Sounds pretty amazing to me :-)


  1. wow ruth that does sound amazing! How wonderfully precious. Much love, Becky

  2. lovely ruth, really beautiful. shes a very lucky girl to have you xx

  3. This makes me extra happy. Keep it up Elin lots of love xxx

  4. Oh that is just heart warming, brings tears to my eyes. I think it is fantastic that she is doing so well after all the crappy rubbish that has happened. Do you think new meds are working out for her?

    I hope one day we might get a night like that. I really do get what you mean about how lovely that day and night is for you. Sometimes that's all we want isn't it? Something so simple yet so perfect. xxx


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