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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Facebook friends?

Why do some people get so snotty about Facebook? Yeah, look down on me cos I use it a lot- would love to see what the hell you would do if you had even a tiny inkling of what we have been, and are, going through since Elin was born. I realise that airing your dirty laundry in public is naff and that updating every five seconds is sad, but I do neither. Facebook is an amazing tool for me to immediately access several Mum's just like me. Within half an hour I can have as many as ten opinions on Elin's latest drug change, for example. Surely this can only be a good thing? If it wasn't for Facebook how would I ever have made contact with Mum's and kids like me and Elin? There certainly aren't any in my 'real-life' vicinity! Not feeling alone is incredibly important in helping us deal with Elin's condition. In fact, in the early days especially I think I would have lost the plot if I had not had access via Facebook to these amazing, helpful Mum's who have become more than the literal sense of the words 'Facebook friends'. Also, as recently proved, when something untoward happens in Elin's life, I can let all my friends know at once instead of sending out loads of texts saying the same thing. And I have such amazing friends, they always want to know, so that they can offer help and support and because they are genuinely interested in Elin's well-being. Which brings me to my main point. Facebook is not a means of getting attention, it's a means of getting support. There's a bloody big difference between the two.

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