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Monday, 28 June 2010

Things are lookin up..

Since my last post we went to Alder Hey and saw the Neuro. Not anywhere near as scary as I had thought. He was reasonably relaxed about the increase in fits of late and seemed to think it was still related to the infection Elin had at half term. He doesn't want to change her medicine as that could cause further problems. He said if they continue to increase he would get us back to have a re-think. Went home feeling more confidant and slightly more chilled. Until Sunday. Being Father's Day and having a meal out planned, Elin decided it would be a good time to shatter my new found chilled attitude and have yet another fit. Despite what the Neuro had said, the negative worries and stresses crept back in and I found it hard to focus all day. As the Neuro had advised we wait another 3/4 weeks before calling him, to see how the pattern of fits developed, there was nothing to do but get up on Monday and just pray we had a better week. The good news is, we did! What a difference in Elin this week, I kept waiting for another fit, but it never came. An amazing weekend with a friend of mine who was visiting, Elin was just on top form and my friend got to see her at her very, very, best. Just had to be careful to keep her out of the heat poor thing, it really disagrees with her. Not so relaxed and happy today, but then I think she had used up all her smiles at the weekend! Just hoping, as always (my life is made up of hoping and wishing) that the good spell continues .............

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  1. That's fab, glad that you had a good week. I think as well as wishing and hoping are lives are also full of many ups and downs. Hope those seizures continue to settle and behave themselves. x


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