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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Quick update...

Hi Elin fans. The antibiotics DID work and worked well, within two days we had our girl back. We only had to breathe on her and she was laughing. Great stuff. A whole week of bliss.Then Saturday, which historically is not a good day for Elin. Paul uttered the immortal line 'we should do something together and leave Elin with your Mum' which can only really mean one thing: Yup, Elin decided to have a fit exactly half an hour after we dropped her off and just as we were in a particularly lovely Mexican restaurant settling down for lunch. Luckily I had taught Mum how to administer rescue meds and give Mum her due she didn't interrupt our rare break together, I actually phoned her to 'check' on Elin but in reality I think I knew a fit was brewing. As is the custom, Elin went strait to sleep and Mum encouraged us to stay out and about for a bit. Cue Paul and I wandering aimlessly around shops trying to enjoy ourselves when really we just wanted to be back home. Ho-hum. Back to normal on Sunday and again a very good week for our little monster, then came today. When I got her home after work I knew something wasn't right as I couldn't get her to smile and she wasn't with us. I guessed a fit was coming and it did at about four this afternoon :-( :-( :-( I can no longer put these down to her being poorly, or hot, or out of routine. She is having too many. Luckily we are booked for a visit to the Neurologist at Alder Hey tomorrow.....I am looking forward to what will probably involve a change of medicine, as it might help, but as always am irrationally terrified that he will hear what we have to say and somehow wash his hands of her, tell us there is nothing to be done. Of course this is unlikely ever to happen given the fact that there is still a list of meds he hasn't tried, let alone the ketogenic diet. But knowing the fear is irrational does not always make it any less horrifying a thought.

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