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Friday, 4 June 2010

The rise of the machine!!

The good news is I am back, ready to fight another battle. I am beginning to feel so much more normal and like me and much less 'wallowy' and feeling sorry for myself. The bad news is, the next battle arrived immediately, so it's a good job I was in full Sarah Connor mode...
Elin has cried all week. Can't decide if it's a good or bad thing that Paul and I were both on holiday from work this week! Anyway, it's most unusual as despite her complex issues she is a placid, happy little thing (obviously qualities inherited from her mother). We were convinced it was her teeth, as she has some especially razor-like ones beginning to poke through near the back and little bleeding bits on her juicy gums. She has been gagging constantly, had a poorly bottom and diarreah and the snuffles which all kind of points to teething too. Last night and this morning she perked up. We took a risk. We went to the seaside for the day. Bad idea! We got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the way. When we arrived, we managed to get as far as the busiest part of the lengthy promenade and Elin decided to have a fit. A nasty-rescue med-requiring-fit. So, in full view of all she was laid unceremoniously on her changing mat and I administered the wonderful candy-floss smelling medazolam. The fit stopped, Elin went to sleep and we continued onto the pier, albeit a little fraught and sweaty. This is where I noticed just how many people were staring at Elin. Not just looking, realising that yes, she was a special little girl in a special chair, and looking away. Properly staring at her. This pissed me off. I don't mind you having a look but you don't have to physically track us with your rubber neck until you can look no more. Anyway, down the pier we went. Had a dink, came back and Elin began to stir. It soon became apparent that she was still stressed. We had had to park miles out cos of the amount of cars so we began to walk back. I relented and took her out of her chair at which pint she began to fit again. We hugged her hard, sat down, got up but she wasn't having any of it. We raced back to the car, laid her in the empty boot and I gave her a second dose of the medazolam (unheard of, she usually has one dose a moth roughly) with the epilepsy nurse's warning ringing in my ear 'don't give her a second dose, take her strait to hospital' well, we were an hour at least from the nearest hospital so it wasn't an option and Elin's consultant had said he was happy if we needed to ever giver her a second dose. I then sat illegally with her on my knee, pretending to scratch my nose every time we passed a police car. Mercifully the fit subsided in the alloted ten mintes (ten minutes before complete and utter panic, presumably) and we went strait to our local hospital which in a tiny twisted way was nice cos we got to see some of the Nurses who are champions of the Elin fan club. We were there a few hours as the ward was very busy, but the blue angels brought me tea and sympathy so we can't complain. She was diagnosed with an ear infection which more than likely set off the fits and despite the doc wanting us to stay to keep an eye on her we brought her home (I am an old pro at this now) with antibiotics. If she has another fit in 24 hours we have to go back. God, I hope they work.

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  1. Hope she is much better now. What is it it with this ear infection, sickness, snuffle thing that's going round. You and Elin are both very brave, keep strong, you are a brilliant mummy. x


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