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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wheels on fire.....

Today we took Elin to town in her brand spanking new NHS buggy/wheelchair. Yup, that's right, we chanced it because the sign up to that point had been good. Guess what? We weren't disappointed!! Woweeeeee she sat in that chair all the way around the shops without so much as a sniffle. Now Im not saying this was just the chair. Mornings are always better for Elin, because she has her medicines in the morning which can take the 'edge' of things a little....but, staying positive, I think we're onto a winner. I could get used to this, I told her, wheeling her around like everybody else, taking my time, actually stopping to look at things. A joyous occasion which I hope can be repeated! One other thing has changed. The chair is fairly obviously a specially made chair for a very special little person. This meant LOTS of 'looks' from other shoppers. Far more than I expected (and I had expected some). But I wasn't bothered at all, at the end of the day people are only looking out of curiosity, it's not often you see such a little person in such a special chair. I cannot believe anyone would ever look out of malice and so I am happy for people to look and to see that not all children are the same, and some children do need special equipment just to get around. Maybe I won't always feel that way, maybe some day when Im rushing and tired and cross I will be sick of other people's stares, but not today. Today nothing can touch me because I took my daughter shopping and ENJOYED it and that's 22 long months waiting to do that. If patience is a virtue I think I should be cannonised by now!!

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