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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Orthapeadic + X-Ray

Hi Elin fans just a quick update ...yesterday I took her for her 6 monthly x ray of her pelvis. She needs these to ensure that her hips have not popped out of their sockets, which is a common problem in children with little or no mobility. If they do pop out, it may require an operation to fix them. Apparently, no amount of physio can prevent this from occurring, it just happens. Luckily for us they are exactly where they should be (phew...big sigh of relief). Also, I saw the consultant for him to assess her back- we have to ensure she is not developing curvature of the spine, again owing to her lack of mobility. Lucky again, everything seems fine. He doesn't want to see us for 12 months! Hurray! Good job it was good news as I was inexplicably on the brink of tears today . HATE going to the hospital - so many painful memories- which is ironic given the amount of time I have to go there. Luckily most of Elin's appointments are in the child health centre which is fine, it's the main hospital I just can't stomach- the smell's and the long corridors, just takes me back to the weeks we spent there after she was born. Also, x -ray is right next to ultrasound and I saw at least three happy couples bent over scan pictures as they were leaving- prompts very bittersweet memories for me cos I remember it so well. Elin was safe then. She was perfect in fact- the sonographer said so. I find it so difficult to deal with. Also not helping was manouvering a large buggy with a mind of it's own piled high with mine and Elin's coats, two bags and Elin's sepcial boots between the orthapaedic and X ray departments, whilst simultaneously propping Elin over my shoulder ( as usual, Elin had decided that actually riding IN the buggy was not an option she was willing to take) and trying not to drop her. The hospital was boiling hot and we had to wait 40 minutes for the appointment, during which time Elin decided to play to an audience in the cramped waiting room and do her best choking impression followed by at least 20 minutes of squeking- ensuring many sympathetic gazes from the other Mum's (but also inquisitive eyebrow raises and 'Awwwww' faces to each other when they thought I wasn't looking) so by the time we left, despite the good news, I was feeling a little frazzled. Thank heaven for the fab blue badge, which meant that I could park practically right outside the hospital door, worth it's weight in gold. We were home before we knew it (second big sigh of relief of the morning) had an hour's break before our next appointment- thankfully a home visit with the speech therapist (feeding expert)..but that, ladies and gentlemen, is another story.....

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  1. I had to smile at the thought of you pushing the pram piled high yet carrying one child over the shoulder who was not going to go in said pram......I know a little boy who does the same thing. Good news on the hips etc hopefully your next appointment went well. xx


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