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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Well the two weeks since Elin's operation have been pretty hard! Her breathing did not improve and so for the last two weeks we have been watching her really struggle to get any air in through her little nose :-( She has not seemed to have worked out that she can breathe through her mouth, so a blocked nose is pretty bad news for her. Nights have been the worst, with her being up for hours at a time (usually starting around 2am) because she is simply snorting instead of breathing and cannot get any rest. Suffice to say we have been exhausted. She would then go to sleep early morning and sometimes sleep through until nearly noon. The first morning I was back in work after her op the childminder text to say Elin was still asleep and it was so unusual I was convinced she had somehow slipped into some sort of delayed post-operative coma!! Luckily Heather was on hand with some saucepans and spoons to rouse her! Stressful. Anyway the day before yesterday, after 11 days of listening to her snuffle and snort and being up with Elin practically all night, I took her to the hospital to get her checked out. convinced something dreadful must have happened for her still to be in such a mess all this time after her operation. They were really thorough on children's ward and even got an ENT doctor to come and listen to her. He agreed she was noisy, but said it was to be expected really after such an op, cos of the nasal swelling etc. He advised to keep her nose moist and carry on with the nurofen to reduce swelling. *touch wood* today is the first day we have seen improvement. Please god let this be the end of the breathing issue- she has so much to deal with already :-(

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