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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Elin had a good few days over Christmas, particularly Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing day!! She must have known ;-) As usual, people spoiled her rotten and not only did she have some wonderful clothes but we were really touched that people considered her needs when buying toys and she got some great ones which we have already managed to play with- a favourite at the moment is the glockenspiel, which never fails to make her smile. I put the beater in her hand and help her to play too, maybe one day she will left the beater and whack the keys herself- imagine that ;-) Sadly the last few days have not been so good, the day after boxing day she had a long fit early evening and so I had to administer the rescue medicine, Medazolam, myself for the first time. It was easy actually and she relaxed out of the fit strait away then slept for two hours. Paul was pragmatic as ever and I was as emotional as ever. He says we just have to get used to it but Im not sure I ever will. I called the hospital and we didn't have to take her in this time which was good- being on the ward over Christmas would have been too depressing for words so thank heavens for small mercys!

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