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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Here we go..

..Another fit today. Not as bad as last time. I waited 10 minutes as there were short breaks and luckily it subsided so I didn't have to administer the rescue med and take her to hosp. Paul was out but Caitlin was here and I didn't tell her what was happening, it would have upset her too much, but I was terrified. It's the responsibility of doing the right thing- I was just so scared I didn't know whether to give the medicine or not, thank god she stopped fitting so I didn't have to make the choice. God it's just so hard sometimes. We had just finished putting the tree up, it should have been a lovely day and instead I spent it scared and upset. I will never get over having to watch her have a seizure, it kills me. I can't get my head around what she has done to deserve this and I would swap places with her in a heartbeat if I could.


  1. I can not imagine how hard that must have been for me, it tears me up Adam simply crying. It makes me really sad that you all have to suffer so much.
    You never know btw Caitlin is probably stronger than you think and explaining might enable her to help even more.
    Sending you our love and huge hugs from all 3 Williams'. xxx

  2. I'd echo the Williams' idea of explaining things to Caitlin. You need support as well Ruthie and that comes from family first and Caitlin while still being an adorable little girl is also a Drake, and thus predestined to be an immensely capable young woman.

    Kate J x


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