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Sunday, 10 January 2010


Taking Elin to Alder Hey tomorrow for her ENT appointment. I really hope they can come up with some solution as she just can't seem to breathe through her nose. I am convinced this is what wakes her up 2-3 times a night, plus it bothers her and it sounds awful bless her. I really wish she didn't have all these extra little problems to worry about. I think she has enough to deal with!.Not such good news on the seizure front, she has had to have her medication upped as she is seizing every five minutes and has been for couple of weeks. They are only little ones and manifest themselves in small twitches of her head and arms, but still not good and distressing to watch. We back at Alder Hey later this month to see the Neurologist, I think he may change her medicine completely, which worries me as changing medicine has it's own implications- we'll see. Feels like I live in constant fear of what the future holds, it's a hard way to live your life! On the plus side Elin seems extremely alert right now, despite the seizures and is incredibly smily. Twice this weekend I have popped out and when I have returned she has broke into a massive smile when she hears my voice. I really hope it wasn't a coincidence! I dont think it was :-)

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