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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Shopping trouble..

Why doesn't anyone manufacture special seats for trolly's for disabled children? I recently saw in the Cerebra newsletter a mother had written to them asking them to design something she could take to the supermarket to put on the generic trolly seats that would support and restrain safely her daughter who was 3 and had C.P. They came up with a fantastic easily trasportable foam and velcro add-on for a trolly seat- why cant something like that be available widely for all disabled children? Elin is far too big now for the baby seats attached to the trolly's and cannot sit in the plastic fold-out toddler seats in the trolly's as she is completely unable to support herself. This means I can only ever go shopping when Paul is at home as I cant take her with me. Really frustrating! I know the supermarkets do online deliveries and thats great for us but sometimes I just want to get in the car and nip out for a few bits. I think i will e mail cerebra and suggest mass production of their trolly seats..i cant be the only one with this problem.....

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  1. I find it really odd the supermarkets dont want to buy them. Its not like they are short of money. I also hate the fact the damn thing is unacceptably small. Like Elin, Abby is completely unable to support herself. I used to put her in the bottom in a lying position. But that led to me being questioned by nosy shoppers. I dont get why people dont make seats for disabled children either. Again, its not like there is no need of them.


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