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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

News story...

Just saw a story on the news about a woman whose son suffered fatal brain damage at birth after a lack of oxygen when two doctors and midwives refused to act on the fact that her baby was in distress during labor. DESPITE the fact that the CTG was clearly showing foetal distress, and the woman was only 32 weeks pregnant, doctors kept her in labor so long that when he was eventually born he was taken strait to intensive care (like Elin) but his brain damage was so severe that 10 days later she had to turn off his life support. My heart goes out to this lady, it was her first and much-longed for baby. She says she simply could not understand why they weren't doing anything to help. The first doctor even disputed she was in labor, suggesting she may be constipated. She should have been given a c-section hours earlier (sounds familiar). The lady has been awarded £160,000 compensation but would trade it in a heartbeat for her son's life back. This is happening ALL TOO OFTEN it makes me feel physically sick that so many women across Wales are putting their trust in labor wards full of staff who are too lazy or inexperienced to do their job properly. No one can ever imagine what it is like to give birth and not hear that cry you have been dreaming about for months (or in my case years) and to go through months and months of hellish news only to discover after an inquest that things could've been different, this was not meant for your baby- you just happened to go into labor at a time when there were a handful of staff on who didn't read your notes, didn't monitor your baby, didn't look after you. This woman will never get over that lack of care, and neither will we- though our outcome, happily, was that we at least got to bring our baby home.


  1. oh the poor lady. Knowing what it's like not to hear your baby, i know how frightening and heart-breaking it is. Your dreams, hopes, everything bursts. I hope one day she will be able to find peace and remeber how beautiful her child was. It takes a long time to heal when you lose someone so precious and I hope she is supported. Love you ruth. xx

  2. Absolutely Ruth. The Maelor, in particular, are letting ladies down left right and centre. In our case, Sam should have been delivered the first time his heart rate dropped, but instead it was 7 hours later, when a decent midwife came on and literally saved Sam's life, that I was whipped off for a c-section. He wasn't breathing when he was born - his apgar was 1 - and he was worked on for 10 minutes before he was breathing. We were one of the lucky ones. The system needs a complete overhaul.


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