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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Egg-cellent Professor

Elin’s had a much better week this week after suffering some pretty prolonged Dystonia last week. It’s been so nice to see her so relaxed again. She did World Book Day last Friday not as Paddington Bear but as Veruca Salt from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. I didn’t think it would be as good but on the day she actually looked amazing!! 
We had a nice Mother’s Day with our first visit of the year to our most favourite place- the Zoo. It was good to get some fresh air and even though Elin’s dystonia was still plaguing her she had a good time being nosey and looking through the new clean glass in the penguin enclosure!
This week brought some sad news with the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. In his lifetime Stephen Hawking did much to dispel pre-conceived ideas about disability. The fact that his body was so affected by his condition, but his mind remained one of the sharpest in modern times, coupled with his spirit, humour and refusal to be a victim made a lot of people consider their own prejudices against anyone in a wheelchair I think. I was saddened to see a great deal of online debate about whether people should be saying he is now ‘free’ of his disabilities. Many disabled people themselves were very angry with this idea, as they believed it to be insulting. They argued it was his wheelchair and voice/computer that gave him freedom. Others believed despite his bravery and attitude in life you could never truly believe he wouldn’t have changed his condition in life if he’d been able- after all, they reasoned, who would really choose to live in such a restricted body? I was just left wondering why everything has to be argued over these days online and why people can’t just have their own opinions without feeling the need to justify them to strangers and get into heated debates via the web. I suppose it’s a very emotive issue and leads to complex questions about what you think about the afterlife. For my part I just felt sorry for the loss of such a great mind and man, but glad that he’d been able to defy early predictions about his life by doctors for so very long and that he challenged stereotypes on a global scale with such style. 
This is why when Elin’s school said they were holding an Egg decorating competition for Easter, we thought we’d pay homage to Professor Hawking with a topical entry entitled “Most Eggs-cellent Professor”.  I’ve never attempted one of these before but was quite pleased with the outcome, as was Elin!  She especially liked the fairy lights in the dark! She worked hard fingerprinting the planets and black holes and title plate. It was really nice to do some craft together. Results are announced next week but by the look on Elin’s face I think she feels like a winner anyway!
Have a great week folks, remember to “Always look at the stars instead of down at your shoes”
Ruth xx
Oh and Elin would like to wish the best Daddy in the entire universe a very happy birthday for Sunday! If the “Beast from the East” can hold off we are hoping to go out for lunch and maybe a nice stroll if her dystonia stays at bay.Either way I know Paul will be happy as long as he has his best friend by his side! (To clarify his best friend is definitely Elin and not me!! Ha!) 
 Playing with an Easter shaker Elin made at school 💛 Thanks for all you do best Dad EVER 💛

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