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Monday, 17 July 2017

A letter to my daughter...

I don't know why I didn't share this on here when it was published. I had something published in the Guardian, I should be photocopying the hard copy I gleefully bought from the paper shop and wallpapering my downstairs toilet with it!  Perhaps I felt like it would be bragging or maybe I felt slightly fraudulent because this letter was inspired by a previous blog post I had written which you may have already read. Perhaps I worry way too much about what people think, and when something-anything-I write gets published in the Guardian I should stop being so stupid and find a great big trumpet and blow it to my hearts content.
Well, better late than never! This was shared via The Guardian's Facebook page over 600 times and via The Guardian's own website 1,382 times so far.  I VERY tentatively read the comments under the post on their Facebook and can't believe how warm, understanding and positive they were. Lots of other mums chose to share their own experiences too. It felt like an honour to have inspired any kind of Saturday morning chat about what it's like raising a disabled child, even more so because of the positivity that surrounded it. No internet trolls under the bridge of publication this time. Phew.
I can finally say I'm quite proud of this (even though there are bits I want to add/edit/change because it wouldn't be me if I didn't- I found the word count particularly hard to stick to) and though I am aware the point of this regular 'A letter to.....' section is anonymity, I decided to let the Editor publish Elin's name in the last line (he called me to make sure it was ok) because I felt naming Elin would make it more real and give her story more impact.
Anyway, here it is. I promise if there is ever a next time  I will shout it from the rooftops. The week of Elin's birthday seems like a good time to share, as it always makes me quite reflective.
Hope you enjoy
Ruth x


  1. Ruth, I have followed your blog for a while - you are a very talented writer and I am full of admiration for the way you convey to us readers the ups and downs of your life. Your daughter looks and sounds absolutely wonderful - what a gorgeous smile and lovely dark hair and eyes! I'm the mum of two fair boys - no experience of a daughter. I very much admire your honesty about your situation which I gather at times is not the easiest! You and your husband come across as lovely people. Keep writing, what ever you do! I'm just back from a short holiday in Wales and it's from reading your blog that I knew the word for "school"!! I hope you don't mind a total stranger commenting out of the blue. I would like to send you, Elin and her daddy love and good wishes.

    1. Thank you so much! What a lovely, lovely message. It means a great deal to me that anyone I don't know would enjoy my writing and learning about Elin's story. I hope you had a lovely holiday in Wales and glad I could help with a little go the translating process! Ruth xx


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