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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday love song....

Sunday lunch out today at the Croes Howel. Highly recommend!

Happy Mother's Day blog readers! Hope all the super Mum's out there have had a great day. I think it's fair to say it's universally acknowledged that Motherhood is one of the most difficult jobs in the whole wide world. The best job, yes. But also the hours are crazy, there is no pay and you can never clock off. Everyone around you is doing the same job which means you constantly compare yourself- are you doing a good ENOUGH job? Does everyone else think you are? Get something right in this job and there is no feeling like it. Get something wrong and the guilt will eat away at you for weeks. Did you make the right decision? Will you live to regret choices made for your children down the line? There's a lot of pressure. So there should be, it's the most important job you will ever do if you are someone who has chosen to become a Mum. it's the first thing you think about as you fall asleep and the same when you open your eyes. It's pretty huge.
Of course, all that is worth it and more. Otherwise nobody would ever be a Mum! But that's why Mother's Day is so nice. It's great for Mum's to be told that they are doing a good job. I do subscribe to the train of thought that you should tell your Mum you love her and appreciate her all the time and not just on one day of the year, but in reality and for some people more than others it doesn't always pan out that way. So Mother's Day is that opportunity for everyone to raise a collective glass and thanks the person that in most cases has shaped their lives above any other and made them the people they are today :-)
I am lucky. I have an amazing Mum and have blogged about how we feel about her before. I am also lucky because I have a husband who isn't afraid to show his feelings and frankly is probably even more emotional than me! As generous he is with his words, his gifts don't always follow suit. I'll be honest, he is one of the worst present - buyers ever. Last minute, not thought through (don't start me on my 30th birthday) and generally a bit pants. Luckily I'm not too bothered about presents (HAH!) or at least I've learned to appreciate the thought and effort however misguided (she said through gritted teeth). BUT he IS a man after all, however sensitive and lets not pretend this is anything exclusive to Paul. He more than makes up for it in what he does for myself and Elin every single day. So, imagine my surprise today on Mother's Day when alongside my usual (but beautiful) flowers, he presented me with an email he had sent to one of my favourite radio shows, Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs (Yes, I know I'm getting old but I love it!). He wanted it to be read out in the dedications and had sent it three times in order to try and ensure it was seen amongst the surely thousands of requests Steve must receive ready for the Mother's Day programme. Sadly, he didn't read it out. But I don't care. It was by far enough that Paul had sent this for me, and a week before Mother's Day too! Planning ahead and everything! Impressive. And very, very lovely. I am very lucky.
So I joined the legion of Mum's today reminding themselves through lovely thoughtful gifts from their children and partners that they are doing a good job after all, because we're doing the best job we can. I am Elin's mummy and nobody can fill this role better than me. I created the post, I wrote the job description and I fulfil it every day. So any Mum's out there....leave the worry and the guilt behind for today and every day that you can.  You're doing a great job. It's ok to pat yourself of the back now and then. You are everything to your child and nothing can ever change it.
I'm not prefect, far from it. But I'm Elin's Mummy and that's good enough for her.
I'm learning to make it good enough for me, too.
Happy Mother's Day all xxxx
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