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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

You know when you're in a nice hotel and you're not used to it...and you get to the pool and open a locker and there is free dressing gown, towels and flip flops and you're landed. Wow. This really IS posh you think. So off you trot and then later on there is a bit of a commotion- there are hotel employee's coming in and out of the pool etc- and it turns out you opened someone's locker, stole their stuff and caused the hotel to try and swap the family's room because the room key was in the pocket of the dressing gown you're now parading around in at the poolside, and said family are worried the 'burglar' might turn over their room and take the rest of their stuff? That.
That happened, to me, during our hotel stay. Mortified doesn't quite cover it, especially as the mistake was finally cleared up when the child of the family was heard to announce 'Mummy isn't that lady wearing your dressing gown?...and flip-flops.......?' CRINGE. You can take the girl out of Wexham.......
Anyway, aside from a very red face and having to leap behind various pieces of hotel furniture every time we saw that family thereafter, we had an AMAZING time. Best of all? Elin loved it too! No coming home early this time :-) The wonderful hotel (The Quay Hotel and Spa in Deganwy) you might remember had given us a free night (in a suite!) in lieu of the night we lost last Summer when Elin was poorly. See previous blog post if you so wish:
They also threw in a four course meal and gorgeous full Welsh breakfast. Wow-thanks! We thought it would be nice to use the free night on our 11th wedding anniversary, so that's what we did yesterday. Difficult to image a nicer way to celebrate really- there is no place more beautiful than Wales in the sunshine and we were VERY lucky to enjoy amazing weather the whole time we were there. It was fate.
Aroom with a view. This really was the view from our suite. Woah. 

Not only did the sun shine as if it was mid August but  Elin decided to have a good sitting couple of days too (she wasn't OVERLY happy, but no dystonia either which is probably the best we can hope for when out and about somewhere unfamiliar) Hurray!! Does it get any better? She also timed a nap in her chair for when we were eating breakfast and slept soundly in her chair during the full four courses of that evening meal too! Well done, Elin!! It must have been the sea air. 
It was great that our suite was on the ground floor and also very close to the spa. This made going to the pool pretty easy. Elin was great in the pool especially given that it was not the hydro-temperature to which she is accustomed and there were a lot of children making a lot of noise. Everyone was really kind and I had the offer of help in the women's changing room from another Mum, who had her severely autistic son with her and she said, understood. These moments are small but they make you feel like you're not alone. So many people out there are dealing with issues day to day, just going about their lives trying the best they can. 
On the way home we called at Llandudno to take advantage of the weather. It was stunning. Elin made a little friend named Esme on the pier when we stopped for a drink and I met another lovely Mum who did nothing special at all except talk to us and encourage her little girl to play with Elin. Sometimes the most special moments are also the most normal. That is one of the many things Elin has taught us, the ability to see the miraculous in the mundane. I am sure my friends and their children have these encounters all the time. Forgettable within five minutes. Us? Not so much. So it means a lot when people reach out. Thank you Esme and Mummy, you were the cherry on the cake of a wonderful little holiday.
Lots of the school holiday left to look forward to and in the meantime I will leave you with some pics of Elin enjoying herself. Until next
Elin's Easter pressie-a new Finding Nemo swimsuit! Yay! Beautiful.

 Llandudno in the sun :-)

 To top it all, when we got home Elin rounded off her lovely holiday with a fringe cut. She was very happy with the results!!


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