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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Another week bites the dust

Last week was a bit up and down for Elin, particularly towards the end of the week. She did manage to do some good work at school but she was VERY unhappy about sitting in anything and a little bit cross with the world! From Tuesday she was especially unhappy at night time and we spent hours up in the night with her three times on the run. In these situations it's really, really hard to decipher exactly what's wrong and that's what's so hard for us- not being able to help.She wasn't 'ill' exactly and  even failsafe Calpol didn't seem to make her more comfortable  (I did wonder if her teeth were bothering her since she was grinding them a lot.) She was generally just very naggy and nothing seemed to help except holding her. It could really have been anything I suppose, from muscles aching to a tummy ache- I hate that we just sometimes don't know what she wants/needs, it's so upsetting.  Happily this pattern broke on Friday night (before Paul and I had to be hospitalised with fatigue!!) when she slept all through the night and woke up right as ninepence on Saturday morning. This was particularly lucky since we had visitors from London staying - my  flatmate from Drama school, Laura, and her lovely fella (they are real, actual, proper actors dontcha know!!) A lovely weekend ensued where Elin got a lot of cuddles, showed off a lot and generally enjoyed having new voices in her house (her face was an absolute picture especially Saturday as she clearly tried to work out why there were voices she didn't know in her room!Such a clever girl). She also demonstrated to our guests how much she LOVES Mr Tumble (which she watches for a bit before bed) and it is a joy to see her reactions, as I've mentioned before a year ago she wouldn't really have paid any attention to a TV- now she clearly listens, pauses, looks clearly at the TV and laughs her head off every time Mr Tumble laughs or makes a funny noise. It really is very cute to see!   So lets hope what was bothering her has resolved itself and she can enjoy a more settled week as she so deserves. I'll keep you informed!

Princess Elin. I include this photo simply because I just think she looks so beautiful on it!! I wish I had bothered to iron her dress before I took it though....DOH (Mummy fail)

Elin and Laura, who comes to see us as often as she can (as do a fair few of my fantastic college buddies) despite her hectic work schedule (she's just finished getting rave reviews for 'Educating Rita' in Sonning and now she's off to do 'Boeing, Boeing' in Oldham!)  . Elin really is a lucky girl to have so many admirers! 

Watching Mr Tumble before bed. Bliss!



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