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Tuesday, 3 February 2015


There's a teenage phrase going around at the moment "OMG I can't even". Usually you see it written on Instagram snaps under pictures of Harry Styles or Channing Tatum or whoever. It's one of about a million things 'the kids' are saying these days which actually make no sense. And by no sense, I mean no grammatical sense, since it's clearly an unfinished sentence. Obviously they make sense to me because I am TOTES down with the kids and I understand teenage-speak because I am ON POINT and still a mere 33 years young which is nearer to teenager-dom than middle age, right? RIGHT????.Anyway to those of you who prefer to use actual, proper grown up language -this phrase, as I understand it (and I do, because I am uber cool), means you have no words. As such it is quite evocative in its simplicity, which is why I like it. Plus it sums up the past couple of weeks perfectly for me (you knew there was a point to this).

OMG I can't even.

So basically Elin has been in and out of hospital a fair few times with two ambulance rides, two overnight stays two x-rays, several blood tests and a billion stool samples (FUN!). The bug that I have been blogging about since Christmas never really left. Or if it did, it left momentarily and came back with a vengeance and brought it's nasty cousin along with it. To cut a very long story short Elin is now on two lots of antibiotics, for an intestinal infection and a suspected chest infection. We went round in circles with the medics for a while as Elin was foxing everybody somewhat. But as always we got there in the end and the fab staff on Children's Ward sorted her out. I HOPE! This has been going on waaaay to long and we can't really remember such a bad winter period discounting the great Dystonia plague of January 2013. I literally feel like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards and slapped in the face with a wet kipper a few times. It's quite exhausting when she isn't well. And if I feel like that imagine how she felt :-( :-(
Anyway as I emerge, blinking, into the sunlight (shut up! Im not being dramatic! I feel like I've been stuck in a  room for seven days which I have in one way or another!) I can only pray to the gods of all that is fair that this is over for Elin now. She doesn't deserve it and has been so brave, too. She went back to school today and I left her laughing her head off which is an excellent sign in itself since we hadn't seen her smile for a week or more until Sunday. Yesterday she stood in her frame for ages and it was great to see her so happy again. She looked amazing in her frame and as I took the obligatory photo's that I seem to chart Elin's every waking minute with, a phrase popped into my head to describe how I felt...

OMG I can't even.


Tuesday - Getting low temps and sleepiness checked out.
 Big smiles for Daddy, Discharged in evening. Yay!

Wednesday- Ride in Ambulance. Low sats, extremely
low temperature. Unable to wake up.
 Cuddles from big sis. Temp erratic. Overnight stay,
                        Thursday. Awake. Enjoyed visit from Aunty Karen and lovely School staff . Still no smiles though.

Just chillin'' in bunny ear dressing-gown.
 Playing 'Talking Tom' on Mummy's iPad. Feeling better. Going home again soon- yay!
Uh-oh. Saturday. Another Ambulance ride after de-satting and plummeting heart rate. Eek. Stayed in for another sleepover. Got to see one of our fave night Nurse's for first time in ages, yippee. Every cloud. (If you're reading this - You should TOTES go for it, I have a good feeling.......... )

Sunday. Home again, home again, jiggety jig. Two lots of antibiotics, a changed feed and inconclusive tests results.

Watch this space.......

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  1. I really hope that Elin recuperates smoothly. I know that it's not easy, and doubly numbing that she's even being made to suffer in the first place; however, you shouldn't get stuck in that condition with her. Ultimately, she would learn to adjust and buttress her defenses, while things will be done to make sure that you folks don't get worn down by that for long. Thanks for sharing that! I wish your family all the best!

    Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY


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