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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Our guiding star.....

This week was Elin's school Christmas concert. I didn't know what she was going to be, last year she was a fluffy penguin which is kind of hard to beat! I wasn't disappointed this year. In a shining example of art imitating life, she was, of course..a star. Complete with twinkling fairy lights on her costume. Could it have been any more appropriate? Actually it could, because she wasn't just a star, she was THE star..the guiding star. Quite an important job, that. Metaphorically bang-on too, since she is truly the little guiding star in our lives. She looked beautiful and really enjoyed her moment in the spotlight, smiling and playing her bells happily- with a little help ;-) Seeing her up there I didn't even cry (I thought I would) because I was just too happy and feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to be there among the other parents. It's not something I ever take for granted. I was hugely moved though, especially seeing the little classmates of Elin's achieve their moment in the spotlight too and do so well. There was tangible support from every person in the room for these kids (the concert is a mainstream school concert but includes the children from the unit where Elin and her classmates are) and it felt truly special. When Elin was carried onto stage looking unbelievably adorable, the audience all went 'awwwww!' and though I cannot feel proud of lines learned or spoken or dances practised and performed, right then and there there wasn't a prouder Mummy in the room. So, so proud of my little star. My beautiful, twinkly guiding star.

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