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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Precious times..

....are after school, when Paul is still at work and Caitlin isn't home from school yet and it's just "me and my gal". Like it used to be, when she was a tiny baby and I was on Maternity leave and everyone else was at work or school. We can do whatever we like. Listen to some music, dance. Watch 'The Snowman' on DVD. Tell each other our secrets (ok, well maybe that part is just me, but I know she's listening) I can dress Elin up as Mary from the Nativity for a Christmas card photo and she can laugh because she likes the sheet on her head and I can laugh because she looks ridiculous and won't sit still and I can't get the photo anyway. But it doesn't matter, cos it's just us and we don't have to feel daft. Maybe we'll tell Daddy when he get's home and maybe we won't. Maybe we'll tell Caitlin we listened to the new Lily Allen track and loved it, or maybe we won't. When they get home we might just say 'we're fine, how was your day?' and I will look at Elin and know, and she will know too that sometimes, it's just us. Sometimes, I don't want to share her, I want her to be just mine, just for a short time, just the two of us in cahoots. Like it was before she was born and nobody knew her like I did. Me and my baby. Me, and my gal. Always.

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