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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

All the small things...

Elin seems better! Fingers crossed the antibiotics have cleared whatever was upsetting her. Yesterday something really small happened, but it was the best part of my day. After arriving home from school and having spent quite a while on the school bus Elin had to endure an immediate trip out in the car to go and pick Caitlin up from the school bus- not ideal considering how much she hates travel- the school transport home is normally quite enough for one day! Anyway Daddy wasn't home in time to save her from this fate so she had to come with me. Predictably she cried (loudly!) all the way. We stopped at the bus stop for Caitlin and she got in and having had an eventful day began filling me in straight away. I watched Elin's eye's widen in the rear-view and she stopped crying, immediately. She had, without a doubt recognised Caitlin's voice and was listening intently. Her eyes were darting everywhere as if looking for her sister. Then, suddenly, the biggest grin you have ever seen spread across her face and she began laughing-really laughing. Bear in mind as she had been poorly for a good few days, we hadn't seen many smiles recently. She was still in her car seat, the car was still moving. It was an undeniable reaction to Caitlin and nothing else. It was absolutely joyous to see and as Caitlin bent around from the passenger seat to make a huge fuss of her I was reminded of the worst phrase anyone had ever uttered to us about Elin during the past five years. A consultant, who prophesied when she was four months that she would never be, quote "A thinking person". Well guess what..I think she was thinking. I think she was thinking she was really glad to hear her sister's voice and she couldn't wait to get out of her car seat for a cuddle. A small thing. But such a big thing for us. In your face, doc. What do you know? :-)


  1. such beautiful sisters. doesn't surprise me that there connection is so deep. talk about making a mum's day!!

    oh and that video. serious love! could watch it all say!

  2. okay so i clearly can't spell. THEIR connection and i could watch it all DAY.


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