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Saturday, 17 August 2013


Just back from our holidays! We go, every year now, to Porthmadog which we absolutely love. I'm not going to lie, sometimes it hurts that we can't go abroad. I know people do, of course, with kids like Elin. With meticulous planning, the right medical insurance and travel company, it is possible. But it's not for us. I am a nervous traveller at the best of times so the thought of travelling a few thousand miles with Elin (who as you know hates travelling anywhere altogether) leaves me a bit clammy to say the least. What if our luggage got lost? What if her medication got broken or lost? How would I even begin to pack when we needed an extra trailer just to get to the North Wales coast for all her equipment/feeds etc? I sometimes feel I should be braver and just take the bull by the horns, but how much would I be able to relax? How much of a holiday would it be? Also, Paul points out rather sensibly, we should always ask ourselves 'What's in it for Elin?' in terms of going abroad, probably not much. She does not react well to heat and the sun marks her skin as well as setting off her eczema. It would probably all be too tiring and confusing for her, since she is so reliant sensory-wise on her environment. So it's not to be, but since Paul and I always went abroad before she was born and loved it, it is something that I daydream about now and then (one of many things!) However, alongside this is our love of the coast, and in particular Porthmadog. Luckily, Elin shares our love (it must be in her blood!) and it seems a rainy week in North Wales is her idea of heaven. She was such a good girl whilst we were away, calm and happy and even tolerating her chair now and then (we used the good old pouch for places the chair could not get to, or when she was fed up). She loves the caravan, I think it must be something to do with the sounds and how everything in a caravan is amplified. She loved spending an intensive week with Caitlin and her best mate Lydia (Elin revels in their teenage chatter and banter. I think she wants to be a teenager herself!) So a good week was had by all. It may not be everyone's idea  of heaven, but give us a caravan on Greenacres and heaven is definitely where we are :-)
In the caravan with Mummy
 Which way's the beach then???
 I want to be a teenager, too!
 Watching ribbons on the beach :-)
 Wig-wam fun!
 It's so funny being in Daddy's pouch!!

 Brits on holiday!
 We are not leaving the beach!

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