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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Life is like a box of chocolates..

Every day when I'm waiting for Elin's bus I get reminded of the scene from the end of Forest Gump where he is just sitting on the wall waiting for his son to get home. It's kind of how I feel, most of my day is just different ways to fill the waiting space, until I can cuddle her in my arms again. Work, housework, seeing friends, supermarket, phone calls, gym..whatever. It can be very enjoyable, my time without her. Let's be honest every Mum likes a break. But mostly it's just a waiting game. Because nothing is quite right when she's not with me. Until, with ten minutes until the bus arrives, the waiting becomes almost unbearable. Elin hates travelling and is undoubtedly distressed beyond measure on the tired and lengthy bus journey home. My wait morphs into a kind of pacey, walk-the-floor wait more fitting to a hospital corridor. Difficult to focus, I just want her to arrive so I can hold her and read her school diary and hope she had a good day. That's my ten minutes a day when I turn into Forest Gump. Of course Forest sat on that wall all day waiting, and what with me not starring in my own emotionally over wrought hollywood movie, I have to actually go out and do stuff during the day when Elin isn't with work! But to Elin, who leaves my arms at 8:00 am and returns neatly back to my arms at 3:30 pm, having no comprehension of what happens in my world in-between, perhaps her Mummy is just like Forest Gump. Waiting on a wall all day until she gets home.


  1. Love this post Ruthy, Elin is lucky to have you as her Forest Gump xx


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