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Saturday, 19 March 2011

When it hits it hits you hard...

Burst into tears in Colour Supplies today. Had no idea it was coming, took me totally by surprise and was suitably embarrassed and thanked god nobody was around to see, though I suspect the man on the paint counter was slightly terrified there was a crazy crying lady in the store. Not done that for ..ooohhh....ages. It was a little pink bike, lined up next to all the other big bikes. It was glittery and it had those ribbon tassles dangling from the handles. It was the kind of bike Elin would most definitely be learning to ride on and for the split second I clapped eyes on the bike the image popped into my head of her on it, bunches flying in the wind. Hence the spontaneous tears. Christ this is tough sometimes.


  1. I know what you mean, some days you feel fine and strong and then BAM! you see something that makes your heart ache with longing and the tears just appear as if from no where and there is no stopping them. I am hoping this gets easier as my son gets older but then again there will be more mile stones and I am sure more tears. Hope all is well with Elin.

  2. I cant say that I know exactly what you were going through, but having CP myself my grandmother cries sometimes when she sees a pair of high heels she thinks I might like knowing I wouldn't be able to wear them, it was the same when i was younger and my brothers and sister would run, i cried because I wished I could run. I know a family with a young boy with cp they are close friends of mine and his mum often cries in stores, I just smile and say Jul think of what you do have. I know its not the same at all but I cry when people stare at me. Sometimes I wish circumstances were different, but I am glad they are not because I would not be who I am and doing things like advocacy for those with disabilities if I didn't have Cp,
    If you ever cry in the shop again just cry let it out! Chin up.
    I hope Elin is well also.
    Thanks for sharing your story :)
    Much love Sharlene (Shaz)


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