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Friday, 11 March 2011

Elin has started school!

What a terribly long break from my blog! I wish I had the time to update more regularly, but sadly just lately it would appear that Elin has given up sleep for Lent, and thus evenings are spent staring mindlessly at the television or sleeping! Well, what has been happening in the world of Elin since I last blogged? Mainly ..she has started school!!! And we are so proud our hearts could burst. Not being of 'proper' school age yet she currently goes just two mornings a week. For the first 2/3 weeks I was lucky enough to accompany her to school, to help her settle. Of course it's more likely that I merely cramped Elin's style in front of her new friends and it was in fact me who needed to settle! Anyway, settle she did. What a thoroughly awesome place her SEN school is. Fantastic resources and a staff who talk of the children as though they are family. It blew my mind that we have access to a place that can cater so brilliantly for Elin's very specialist needs. Never mind how cute she looks in her school uniform of course! I had no reservations about her going to school, but I must admit the first time she went by a taxi minibus on her own (not totally of course, she has great carers on the bus but I mean without me) I did burst into tears at work!! It suddenly struck me, as these things occasionally do, that she might not know where she was, having nothing familiar to her surrounding her, and the thought of this broke my heart. Of course I needn't have worried. Elins home school diary read that she had smiled all morning and 'could not have had a better first day at school'. My pride was as fierce as it was overwhelming. A huge milestone which once upon a time, in the dark dark days at the special care baby unit , we weren't sure she would reach. Elin has had many adventures at school already and we are lucky enough to receive photos home of her enjoying many activities which I put in a scrapbook. I am sure my blog posts will include lots of school news in the future now. Where would parents like me be without places like this school? Places we can have absolute trust in to not only care for her but also to educate her (in her own special way) and help her develop to the best of her ability? There is a lot wrong with this country's governments priorities but as far as provision like this for Elin goes it makes me think Britain truly can be a Great occasionally :-)


  1. So happy to hear that Elin is loving school and that you have what sounds like an absolutely brilliant place for her. Well done little lady. Wish we were as lucky I am so worried about schools for Zack event he thought of him going to the special needs nursery in September makes me feel sick. You are a very brave mummy letting her go in the taxi by herself. I hope that when are time comes I will be as strong as you. Glad to see you are back blogging and by the way sleep problems over in this house too!!!!

  2. Awww so sorry to hear this! Is the local SEN Nursery/School not up to scratch? Have you been there yet? I found it very tough the first couple of times but came to absolutely love the place. I do thank my lucky stars for this place and the transport provision which enables her to attend. The carers on the bus are wonderful and sing to her and stroke her face all the way to school! If it wasn't for the Transport provision I wouldn't be able to work, or she would not have been able to go as the school is right across town from where we are :-( I hope you find something suitable and you will be fine when the time comes because you just have to tell yourself how much he will benefit from all the extra stimulation (thats what I did anyway!!) and we already have seen a positive difference in her since she has been going in terms of alertness and being more calm when with new people/new situations etc. She takes part in things at school that I simply couldn't do with her, that helps my guilt/upset a little too! Aww it si so hard but you can do it, he will LOVE the attention he will get with a face as gorgeous as his lol! x

  3. Thank you for this blog. That all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something that eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, you’ve covered so many bases. Great stuff again, thanks you for this blog.


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