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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Tricky week...

It's been quite a tough week or two since Elin's hospital stay. She is actually doing well, the consultant put her Epilim up to 6.0mls twice a day from 4.5mls. It seems to have done the trick in keeping the seizures mainly at bay, though she is still a little too twitchy/jerky for my liking- having said that she has been less so in the past couple of days. She is also teething, has a monster razor tooth come through at the back of her gums which Im sure can affect the seizure situation. It's me that's not doing as well- I seem to have turned into an emotional wreck! It's very hard to put what happened out of my head and I can't get rid of the sick feeling in the pitt of my stomach every time Im not with her- wondering if she is ok, if something is brewing or not etc. I frequently burst into tears and I feel nervous and panicky all the time. I suppose that's what you call stress. I wish I could just stop worrying and being so teary. But then in stronger moments I think Im not going to give into this and this monstrous condition that affects Elin and all of us. I cant let it ruin the life we have with her, which we try to keep as normal as possible.I can't be by her side 24/7. But, it's easy to say that and very hard to actually carry it out.

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